• D'ARSONVAL - Дарсонвал

        D'ARSONVAL - Дарсонвал

        Професионален Дарсонвал за лице - озон ниска честота 3000V-5000V.

        220 лв.


        This product uses Low-frequency circuit to raise the input voltage to 3000V-5000V.When the body touches the ozone bulb,high tension goes through inert gas inside the buld,

        the inert gas will ionized oxonium ion “O” oxygen in the air regenerates ozone O3 That is O+O2+O3.So it can give the sterilization effect by using this product.




        1.Strong oxidation of ozone have the effect of disinfection.

        2.In long- term use,it can help oxidation to resolve heavy metals,toxic,sulified and other harmful substances accumulated in the body.




        1.Plug the power supply pin into the power supply jack

        2.Open the safeguard cover of the ozone bulb;

        3.Press the power supply switch (ON/OFF key), power pilot lamp(P) and low gear lamp(L) are on means

         that the mainframe is on working state; 

         4.Gear selection key(VOL), press it the first time, change to Middle gear lamp(M) is on. Press it the

         second time, High gear lamp (H) is on. Press it the third time, it goes back to low gear lamp. This key can

         change the gears in turn.

        5.Press ON/OFF key again,this product will shut down.


        Direction for use                                                                                             

        Clean face with cleanser, or wash with soap and water before using the massager.

        Select desired ozone and LED settings as above, and begin lightly brushing the massager across facial areas for 2-3 minutes each as follows:

        1. Forehead: Sweep in spirals from left to right.

        2. Nose: Drag the unit in light downward strokes.

        3. Acne: Zap areas with pimples on the spot.

        4. Cheeks: Sweep in spiral motions from upper cheek to chin, gradually covering whole cheek.

        5. Neck: Use upward strokes towards bottom of the chin.


        Avoid using the unit near the eyes or directly on lips, and use sparingly on healing skin